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GreenTech 2022

GreenTech 2022 Amsterdam

The global meeting place for horticulture professionals!  14 - 16 June 2022, Amsterdam

HUMINTECH’s Technical and Sales Manager Dr. Yasser Dergham is representing the company at Amsterdam based GreenTech trade fair since wednesday, June 15th. GreenTech is one of Europe’s most important meeting points for professionals in the horticulture industry. It aims at providing solid and practical answers to essential questions on technology and innovation for the production of vegetables, fruit and flowers. 

As a major supplier and producer of humic acid and humic substances based organic products for both horticulture and agriculture, HUMINTECH has a longstanding tradition in joining GreenTech as a trade partner and an innovative communicator of knowledge. 

Thank you all, we had great talks, highly interesting discussions and are looking forward to GreenTech 2023.