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DLG Field Days 2022 – Biostimulants and soil health

HUMINTECH GmbH is currently represented at the DLG Field Days in Mannheim by seven colleagues who are not only exhibiting our bestsellers PERLHUMUS® and LiqHumus®, but also have the new MicroSense product range in their luggage. We look forward to welcoming you in exhibition area V at booth D23.

In a cultivation comparison, we have pitted Liqhumus, Tricoamine and MicroRoot against a control group using standard fertilizers. Our products are soil additives and micronutrients, biostimulants for organic and integrated farming.

The two managing directors Aydogan Cengiz and Müfit Tarhan, manager for sales and product development Dr. Yasser Dergham as well as Prof. Metin Turan and the sales managers Volker Gerdelmann, Alexander Rube and Mihalil Brinza will advise you this year on the conversion to organic farming, the use of our products for field vegetables and of course on all your questions about soil health, humus build-up, biostimulants and yield maximization.