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The world of humic acids in photographs

The world of humic acids in photographs

"You have to love what you do"

In the 1980s, the Canadian scientist Stevenson provided the theory with his colour scale of humic substances - but that is not enough for HUMINTECH boss Müfit Tarhan and his production staff. Over the past 20 years, numerous photographs of humic substances have been taken, proving that all theory is grey. In practice, the colour scales combine so beautifully with reflections, overlays and incidence of light that true works of art are created in the containers of the production and filling plants. Humic substances, captured in their uniqueness. Always different, each picture unique. Yet the substance is omnipresent; from the morning coffee to the oceans and rivers, humic substances are in everything that keeps us alive. Every plant, every living being, every human being needs humic substances. And they are beautiful too!

"You have to love what you do,"

says Müfit Tarhan. That is the concept for success of the world's leading humic substance producer HUMINTECH. The photographs were taken through the camera of CEO Müfit Tarhan and production employee Kemal Özyayla.

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