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Humicraft - Your allround solution

Introducing Humicraft Liquid: Your Natural Stress Reliever for Plants

In the demanding world of plant care, combating stress is key to unlocking their full potential. Enter Humicraft® Liquid, a potent elixir formulated to alleviate stress and promote flourishing growth through the power of amino acids.

Crafted from the finest humic substances, Humicraft® Liquid is not just another plant tonic; it's a game-changer in plant care. Packed with amino acids, the building blocks of life, this liquid marvel offers a holistic solution to plant stressors, ensuring your green companions thrive in any environment.

When applied, Humicraft® Liquid works its magic beneath the soil's surface, where it enriches the root zone with a bounty of essential amino acids. These organic compounds play a pivotal role in stress mitigation, helping plants adapt and thrive in adverse conditions.

Amino acids act as natural chelators, facilitating the uptake of vital nutrients and minerals, even in nutrient-poor soils. This ensures plants have access to the resources they need to combat stress and maintain robust health.

Moreover, Humicraft® Liquid enhances the synthesis of stress-relieving hormones within plants, promoting resilience against environmental fluctuations such as drought, temperature extremes, and nutrient imbalances. With strengthened stress responses, plants can endure adversity with grace, continuing to grow and flourish despite challenging circumstances.

But the benefits don't end there. By supporting the production of antioxidants, amino acids in Humicraft® Liquid help plants neutralize harmful free radicals, protecting delicate tissues from oxidative damage caused by stress. This results in healthier foliage, vibrant blooms, and increased productivity for growers of all kinds.

Whether you're nurturing a backyard garden or managing a vast agricultural operation, Humicraft® Liquid is your ally in the fight against plant stress. Unlock the natural resilience of your plants and cultivate a thriving oasis with Humicraft® Liquid, where stress is but a distant memory, and growth knows no bounds.


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Humintech is a biotech company based in Grevenbroich, Germany. We are primarily focused on the research, development and industrial production of humic matter and humic acids for the agricultural sector. Our products find further use in pharmaceutical, construction industry, for ecological purposes such as water purification and soil decontamination.


Humintech GmbH

Am Pösenberg 9-13
41517 Grevenbroich / Deutschland 

Phone: +49 2181 70 676 - 0
Fax: +49 2181 70 676 - 22


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