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Humintech is part of TOP 100 - 2016

Grevenbroich, Germany. For the 23rd time, the TOP 100 are honored, the most innovative companies amongst German SMEs. Humintech is part of this innovation elite for the second time in succession. The Grevenbroich based enterprise took part in a demanding scientific selection process during which their innovation management and innovation success was determined. The competition’s mentor Ranga Yogeshwar honored top innovator Humintech within the Deutscher Mittelstands-Summit (German Summit of SMEs) in Essen, Germany, on June 24th 2016. 

Humintech is a TOP 100 laureate for the second time in succession. The Grevenbroich based biotech company is specialized in researching, developing and producing humic substances and humic acids for the agricultural sector. Those substances are obtained from oxidized brown coal and can find use in fertilizers or fodder. Humintech exports products to 60 countries worldwide – to different climate zones and eco systems with diverse conditions. “So as to be ready for that we not only need suitable products, but also concepts that are tailored to local circumstances”, explains general manager Müfit Tarhan. He runs the 40 employees-strong company together with executive manager Aydogan Cengiz since 2001. 

With the help of external consultants and scientists, TOP innovator Humintech works on whole new fields of application, e.g. drinking water protection. Here, humic substances are used to absorb manure and thus reduce nitrate pollution. The substances are also used in battery production, veterinary medicine or as a colorant. Besides that, the company always keeps an eye on the markets: “We intensively exchange experiences with our customers and organize workshops. In that way we can jointly refine ideas and concepts”, says Müfit Tarhan. In a time where brown coal as a fuel comes under fire more and more, Humintech choses innovative ways to find new purposes for the resource. 

More than 4,000 enterprises showed interest in participating in this year’s TOP 100. 366 applied for the qualifying round, of which 284 reached the finals. 238 made it to TOP 100. The companies were judged by Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and his team of Vienna University’s chair for entrepreneurship and innovation. They inquired more than 100 parameters in five valuation categories: “innovation-fostering top management”, “innovation climate”, “innovative processes and organization”, “innovation marketing / external orientation” and “innovative success”.

TOP 100 enterprises are the pacemakers of their branches – a claim backed by figures of the evaluation: Amongst the companies, 97 are national market leaders, 23 even lead world market. On an average, 40 % of their recent revenue came from market innovations and product improvement, both of which they have brought to the market prior to their competitors. Their sales growth is 28 percentage points above their sector’s average. Altogether, the SMGs applied for 2,292 national and international patents within the last three years. This innovative power also pays out in jobs: The TOP 100 are planning to hire about 9,500 new employees within the next three years.

Scientific journalist, TV host and TOP 100 mentor Ranga Yogeshwar is impressed by the enterprises’ quality and hopes for a signal effect: “The way the TOP 100 generate new ideas to create groundbreaking products and services is truly noteworthy. I am therefore happy that the award renders these qualities visible. Hopefully, their success encourages other entrepreneurs to emulate their deeds. For this culture of innovation will become more important for every enterprise in the future.”