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CDFA Approves use of HPTA Test Method Seal

In continued effort to roll out the HPTA test method seal, HPTA President met with CDFA (California Department of Food & Agriculture) requesting seal use on fertilizer packaging in California.

All products sold in California bearing the HPTA seal must pass both HPTA and CDFA humic acid test.  For example: if a products tests 6% humic acid using CDFA method and 5% humic acid using HPTA endorsed method, then the label must indicate 5% humic acid as it relates to the HPTA method.  The lowest of the two test methods must be used on the label. 

The specific guidelines are outlined in the January 16th letter from Dr. Dale Woods, CDFA Environmental Program Manager.  This decision applies only to the humic acid and does not include fulvic acid (yet). This is huge step forward to bringing clarity to consumers and standardization to a growing and dynamic humic industry. 2018/07/ISO-Report-July-2018.pdf


“All humic substances based products by Humintech are measured by means of the HPTA method (ISO 19822:2018) to determine the content of humic and hydrophobic fulvic acids. Most of the suppliers are using the more simple “colorimetric” method for the determination of humic and fulvic acids content, but it shows higher results and is not suited to identify non humic substances like lignosulfonates. In compliance with the highes quality standards Humintech has decided for the currently best analysis standard for the determination of humic and fulvic acids with regard to its quality control.”