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Ralph Bombis, MdL, informs himself on the material use of brown coal at HUMINTECH

On Friday, January 11th, Mr. Ralph Bombis, MdL, and FDP state parliamentary group assistant Mrs. Isabelle Batzdorf were guests at HUMINTECH GmbH in Grevenbroich, Germany. Mr. Bombis is spokesman for economy, mid-tier and crafts with the FDP parliamentary group in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and vice chairman of the budget and finance committee. The talks centered around the material use of brown coal.

HUMINTECH extracts humic acids and humic substances from an oxidized soft brown coal called Leonardite. Especially in agriculture, humic acid based soil conditioners and biostimulants provide many benefits: They make beneficial minerals available in the root section of the plant, immobilize pathogens and pollutants, improve the soil’s water retention capacity and cation exchange capacity. They prevent fertilizers from seeping into the ground water and help soils to sequester more atmospheric carbon. The world-wide success of HUMINTECH’s products is the result of longstanding research and development work, carried out together with international universities and institutes.

HUMINTECH’s managers Mr. Müfit Tarhan and Mr. Aydogan Cengiz as well as areal manager for Europe Mr. Volker Gerdelmann took Mr. Bombis and Mrs. Batzendorf on a tour throughout the company grounds and explained every step in the value chain, from innovations in the laboratory to the fabrication and packaging of the ready-made product.
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