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Workshop in Tunisia: PERLHUMUS, BioHealth and HUMIRON

HUMINTECH's Technical and Sales Manager Dr. Yasser Dergham is in Tunisia to hold a workshop for our friends and partners at Cotugrain Impex. The workshop, which is attended by 300 people, focuses on new formulations of PERLHUMUS as well as our products BioHealth and HUMIRON.

In the course of permanently updating and advancing its production facilities, HUMINTECH is able to formulize organic soil conditioner PERLHUMUS according to the special needs and demands of our customers. The most outstanding benefits of PERLHUMUS granules as a soil conditioner are the demonstrable positive impacts on plant growth and health as well as on resistance to stress factors (dryness, salt and pesticides). 

BioHealth is an extract made of humic acids and seaweed, available in three different varieties. It acts as a natural suppressor of soil-borne plant pathogens.

HUMIRON is a natural organic deficiency corrector on the basis of humic acids, available in two varieties.