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Material use of brown coal: state parliament member Mrs. Romina Plonsker visiting HUMINTECH

Since many years, HUMINTECH is demonstrating how a healthy structural change could look like in Germany’s closing brown coal minig areas. HUMINTECH’s CO2-neutral material use of brown coal as a source for humic acids is a success story: HUMINTECH is regarded as a best-practice project by the IRR (Innovation Region Rhenish Coal District) and has been honoured with numerous innovation awards. We are happy to see not only the company’s success in the rising, but also public interest in our work and know-how – also from the political side. A recent example is yesterday’s visit from state parliament member Mrs. Romina Plonsker (CDU), who came to HUMINTECH’s headquarters in Grevenbroich to get an on-site impression and detailed information on the material use of brown coal as a soil conditioner, fodder additive and as a valuable raw material in environmental technology. Once more, we would like to thank Mrs. Plonsker for her interest in our expertise and the valuable discussions we had on the topic.

Pictured f.l.t.r.: Aydogan Cengiz (CEO HUMINTECH), Berthold Stern (R&D Manager HUMINTECH), Mrs. Romina Plonsker (CDU), Müfit Tarhan (CEO HUMINTECH)