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State and federal politicians on-site at HUMINTECH

On Wednesday, June 27th 2018, HUMINTECH welcomed the German politicians Mr. Horst Engler (Free Democratic Party; FDP), Mr. Werner Stump (Christian Democratic Union of Germany; CDU) and Dr. Achim Rohde (FDP). HUMINTECH’s CEO Mr. Müfit Tarhan as well as Dr. Nadine Braun and Mr. Berthold Stern of the company’s R&D department informed the politicians on HUMINTECH’s engagement in the structural transformation of the Rhenish coal district within the framework of the Innovation Region Rhenish Coal District (IRR). 

HUMINTECH’s key concept and activity is the material, CO2-neutral utilization of brown coal. This type of brown coal use offers an ecologically and economically reasonable alternative to the current use of brown coal as a fossil fuel. This opportunity does not only become increasingly important in the Rhenish coal district, but all over the globe. HUMINTECH uses an oxidized form of brown coal – so called Leonardite – as a source for humic substances. The range of humic substances-based products comprises soil conditioners, plant fortifiers and animal feed supplements as well as core products for application in environmental technology or in the industrial sector.

After a guided tour through the company grounds and pleasant and substantial talks, both parties said goodbye with the prospect of further, more concrete discussions and joint projects in the near future.

Horst Engel is the spokesman for domestic affairs of the FDP state parliamentary group of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and FDP group spokesman in the NRW Association of Cities and Municipalities. He was chairman of the FDP district association Rhein-Erft, deputy chairman of the FDP district association Cologne and deputy chairman of the FDP state parliamentary group.

Werner Stump was NRW state parliament representative, spokesman on environmental policy for the NRW CDU parliamentary group, spokesman for the CDU parliamentary group in the lignite committee and chairman of the Garzweiler II opencast mine working group as well as county commissioner for the Rhine-Erft district.

Achim Rohde worked in various ministries at state and federal level, was district president of the administrative district of Düsseldorf and FDP member of the NRW state parliaments. He was chairman of the FDP state parliamentary group, member of the state executive committee and federal executive committee of the FDP, council member of the city of Neuss and deputy chairman of the FDP parliamentary group in Neuss.