Zinc is a chemical element with the element symbol Zn and the atomic number 30. Zinc is considered a transition metal, but occupies a special position, since it is rather similar in its properties to the alkaline earth metals due to the filled d-shell. The name zinc goes back to the fact that the substance solidifies in the form of tines (prongs or teeth, in German: Zinke). While the zinc group was referred to as the second subgroup in the obsolete count, zinc together with cadmium, mercury and copernicum, belongs to the twelfth group according to the current IUPAC nomenclature – which is only relevant in research. Zinc is a bluish-white, brittle metal and is used, among other things, for galvanizing iron and steel parts as well as for rain gutters. The metal, which is essential for all living beings, is found in numerous important enzymes.
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