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Cellulose is the main ingredient of plant cell walls (mass fraction about 50 percent) and thus represents the most common organic compound as well as the most common polysaccharide (multiple sugars). It is unbranched and consists of several hundred to ten thousand ß-d-glucose molecules or cellobiose units. The cellulose molecules combine into aggregates in higher structures, which often perform static functions as tear-resistant fibers in plants. Cellulose plays an important role as a raw material for paper production, but also in the chemical industry and other segments.


Humintech is a biotech company based in Grevenbroich, Germany. We are primarily focused on the research, development and industrial production of humic matter and humic acids for the agricultural sector.  Our products find further use in the feed, pharmaceutical and construction industry, in veterinary medicine and for ecological purposes such as water purification and soil decontamination.


Humintech GmbH

Am Pösenberg 9-13
41517 Grevenbroich / Deutschland 

Phone: +49 2181 70 676 - 0
Fax: +49 2181 70 676 - 22