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Farmers who harvest CO2 - and save the climate?

Since mid-August HUMINTECH has been represented twice at the INNOVATION PLATFORM FOR CLIMATE-POSITIVE AGRICULTURE AND FOOD. Agricultural scientist Jan Mühlena and his colleague Jenny Gronostay from the public relations department are taking advantage of the opportunity; while the major agricultural fairs and personal contact with interested parties are just starting up again, digital events are in peak season. 

The Farm Food Climate Challenge brings players along the entire food production chain to a virtual table. Initiatives dedicated to the major problems ranging from food waste to low-emission protein sources meet there not only sponsors* and resources, but also each other. This allows synergies to be exploited and alliances to be formed. Pioneers exchange ideas with men and women from the very beginning, politics is represented as well as agriculture itself. The common goal: rethinking food production. Efficient and suitable for grandchildren. "40 years of overproduction - we now have to rethink radically and act on our own responsibility. Only then will this become a thing of the past", says Armin Meizler, farmer of the leading organic farm in Rhineland-Palatinate. 

A low-threshold and broad transfer of knowledge, but also financial security for the conversion to regenerative agriculture and afterwards, that was the topic of the update call on 8 September in the early evening. 'Carbon Farming - Best Practices' was a meeting of eight people who exchanged views on the topic of carbon storage in the soil. Sponsors, with more than 20 years of experience in sustainable farming, met with initiatives that aim to make coffee hybrids acceptable, which thrive with the least possible use of pesticides. 

"The hardest thing is to change your own point of view," says project manager Christine Bajohr from KUHproKLIMA. "For many people, switching still means 'switching to organic'. Ecological is not what is needed to survive in the long term, but rather the regeneration of essential ecosystem functions. This includes, for example, improving the water cycle via a soil with storage capacity or promoting greater biodiversity. All of this has a certain value that must be rewarded. And which should also cost in the opposite case. Only 'organic' thinks much too briefly. 

The sales managers at HUMINTECH have known for a long time that only a food production based on organic farming is a safe one due to their close customer contact. Securing the harvest does not only mean self-empowerment in countries of the global south, but also fighting the causes of flight and crisis spots in the long term. "This is about the social dimension, much more than carbon credits," is how Ana de Lima sums up her experience in Brazilian agriculture. She is the founder of the 'Meli Bees' initiative, which brings bees back to the most degraded regions on the edge of the Amazon, thus securing the livelihood of farmers. Nevertheless, the climate dimensions of the current political debate have one advantage: "Carbon farming has the potential to make itself heard," summarises Matthias Lech, agricultural engineer and producer of Farm & Food 4.0. "Agriculture must be closer to the economy and closer to nature. That is what 'carbon farming' stands for in my eyes. And technology can combine this today". 

Have we aroused your interest? In our press area you will find extensive material in text and pictures for download. We would be pleased if you would like to contact us personally, e.g. in response to this mail or by telephone.

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Humintech is a biotech company based in Grevenbroich, Germany. We are primarily focused on the research, development and industrial production of humic matter and humic acids for the agricultural sector. Our products find further use in pharmaceutical, construction industry, for ecological purposes such as water purification and soil decontamination.


Humintech GmbH

Am Pösenberg 9-13
41517 Grevenbroich / Deutschland 

Phone: +49 2181 70 676 - 0
Fax: +49 2181 70 676 - 22


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