HPTA: The Humic Products Trade Association (HPTA) provides professional standards for the production of humus-based products. Their aim is to support trade in these products by supporting their members on scientific and regulatory issues. This is done through training and congresses, research partnerships, transfer of knowledge, the provision of guidelines and active participation in the further development of products containing humic substances, their production, and application. You can find out more about the HPTA at humictrade.org.

IHSS: The International Humic Substances Society (IHSS) brings together scientists involved in coal, earth and water, and is the world's leading organization for the promotion of scientific education, research and public understanding of humic substances. You can find out more about the IHSS at humicsubstances.org.

EBIC: The European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC) promotes the use of bio stimulants in agriculture to enable a more sustainable and resistant cultivation. At the same time, EBIC supports the growth and development of the European bio stimulatory market. More about biostimulants.eu.

The Industrieverband Agrar eV (IVA) represents the interests of the agrochemical industry in Germany.
Its 50 members are companies in the fields of plant protection and mineral fertilization. Both industries are characterized by international competitiveness and high research intensity. Plant protection and fertilizers contribute significantly to the global success of modern and sustainable agriculture. www.iva.de

INDEGA: is a business association of about 70 German companies offering different products, plants, and services for horticulture. Being mostly entrepreneur-led, these small and medium enterprises belong to the leading and most innovative companies of the horticultural industry in Germany. Find more information on INDEGA at indega.de.

DRG: The German Lawn Society
consists of experts from the different areas of lawn science and lawn practices, including specialists for grass varieties and varieties from breeders and engineers who deal with soil themes or greenery issues. You can find out more about DRG at rasengesellschaft.de.

ATIAD: The Association of Turkish Businessmen in Europe
is a leading association of the Turkish economy in Germany and Europe, based in Düsseldorf. ATIAD represents the concerns of the Turkish companies against the legislator, the European, German and Turkish authorities and organizations as well as in the public. More about ATIAD at atiad.org.

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