The LEADING EMPLOYERS award is given to employers who stand out for their special qualities in six different areas:

  1. employee satisfaction
  2. understanding of values
  3. talent communication
  4. employee offers
  5. image 
  6. HR expertise 

As part of the study, 70,000 companies from all business branches and regions of Germany were subjected to a metadata analysis. 700 – or one percent – received the LEADING EMPLOYER 2019 award at the end of a multi-stage qualification process.

2018: Humintech honored as a TOP employer

Humintech was awarded with the TOP JOB seal for outstanding employer quality by former German economics minister Wolfgang Clement on February 23rd, 2018. The award is being handed to 100 German employers, who consequently care for a healthy and powerful workplace culture. We want to say thank you to our wonderful team which was interviewed by TOP JOB professionals in the course of the rating. We're happy and proud to be able to offer top conditions for the beautiful people who are spending their time at our company grounds in Grevenbroich, Germany.

2017: Humintech honored as leading innovator

Once again, Humintech GmbH belongs to this year’s leading innovators within Germany’s mid tier. The Grevenbroich-based company is being honored with the TOP 100 seal by Ranga Yogeshwar, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and compamedia. This year, the award is being bestowed for the 24th time. Humintech has already been part of this innovation elite in 2015 and 2016, making this year’s honor the third in a row. A mayor asset in the independent selection process was the company’s outward orientation. Success shows that Humintech is on the right track. (more)

Humintech distinguished innovator of the year 2017

For the second time in succession, German economy magazine brand eins Wissen and statistics portalStatista have looked about for Germany’s most innovative companies. About 400 corporations have made it to the leaderboard this year, among them Humintech GmbH.  The awarded corporations are trailblazers when it comes to intelligently developing and optimizing groundbreaking products, processes and services. (more)

2016: Hidden Champion – n-tv

The award is handed to SMEs that might not be well known in the public, but are a leading global market player in their areas of expertize. (more)

2016: TOP 100 innovator 

As in the previous year, Humintech GmbH was once again decorated a TOP innovator amongst German SMEs, making it one of Germany’s most innovative medium-sized company of 2016.
Humintech is a TOP 100 laureate for the second time in succession. The Grevenbroich based biotech company is specialized in researching, developing and producing humic substances and humic acids for the agricultural sector. 

2016: Germany at it’s Best – NRW INVEST

Humintech has been awarded the leading technology company for humic acid based products. The award is conferred by Garrelt Duin, economy minister of Germany’s federal state North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).  Since 2011, the international location marketing campaign "Germany at it's best: North Rhine-Westphalia" honors global top performers in business, science, culture and sports based in NRW. (more)

2015: TOP 100 innovator  

Humintech GmbH was decorated a TOP innovator amongst German SMEs, making it one of Germany’s most innovative medium-sized company of 2015.
The Grevenbroich-based company joins an exclusive group of prizewinners stretching back over more than 20 years as Top 100 mentor Ranga Yogeshwar awards it the Top 100 seal of approval. The award to Humintech is the outcome of a two-stage analytical procedure by a team of research scientists. (more)

2015: Grand Prix of small and medium sized businesses

Amongst 5,000 applicants, Humintech GmbH was one of 800 companies to reach the second jury stage of Oskar Patzelt Foundation’s Grand Prix of small and medium sized businesses.(more)

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