Humic Acids  


Humintech products are used in organic horticulture, especially with an increasing tendency in greenhouses.  

Crop production, e.g. in Greenhouses involves the creation of favorable microclimates, where cultivation can be possible all through the year or part of the year as required, in order to obtain high yield and good quality in short time. 

Not only the optimization and regulation of environmental parameters traditionally used, such as temperature, light, carbon dioxide, relative humidity, are important, but also the creation of a desirable growing medium (soil or substrate) which provides appropriate physical, chemical and biochemical properties.

The application of humic acids based products helps to prepare a desirable growing medium by providing good porosity, by increasing cation exchange capacity (CEC) and by improving biological activity. As a result, growing medium is well aerated, roots can penetrate more easily, nutrients and water are better stored, pH is buffered against extreme ranges and salinity effect is reduced. For instance, if the root system is well developed, not only the nutrient uptake capability of plants is improved, but also their resistance against diseases.

Humic acids based products of Humintech, due to their excellent properties, provide the benefits mentioned above, to stimulate plant growth and thus obtain high yield and an adequate quality in all horticultural crops.

Increased growth of tomato plants after Perlhumus application (Turkey)
Perlhumus was blended with the soil Substrate before planting of tomato cultures. Plants treated with Perhumus show an increased growth and a strengthened shape. (Pic.1,2)

Increased growth of cabbage turnip after Liqhumus application (Germany)
The growth of the plants increased about 15% after application of 25 L/ha Liqhumus. (Pic.3)

General Benefits of Humintech Products 

Quantitative and qualitative yield increases
Regular application of high quality humic acids accumulates their effects in soils and enhances continuously the quantitative and qualitative yield increases. The dry matter of the plants is increased, which also affects the taste of fruits and vegetables positively. In addition the quality of the fruits and shelf life is extended. Our results from practice in different countries show the yield increase at different cultures. 

Reduction of water demand
The accumulation of organic matter by humic acids binds the seeping water especially in sandy soils. Thereby the water demand can be reduced up to 50% depending on the soil type. Thus precious water is saved in arid areas. 

Increase of the Nutrient`s efficiency
The addition of humic acids increase the fertilizer efficiency and the nutrient uptake by roots. Thus they can decrease the need of fertilizers up to 30% and reduce the production costs substantially. The reduction of fertilizer saves the environment at the same time. 

The profit by increased yields, improved fruit and vegetable qualities and saved fertilizer costs exceed the application costs of Humintech products definitely. You can benefit economically and ecologically from the application of humic acids based products in the long term. They are a guarantee for successful yields in any kind of soil, at any place and with any cultivation method.


(Pic 1,2) After application of Perlhumus 

Tomato yield was increased by the application of 15kg/ha Powhumus about 10% 

(Pic.3) The growth of the plants increased about 15% after application of 25 L/ha Liqhumus 

Confirmed again:  Liqhumus more efficient than competing products,"Tomato 3 weeks test 15 ml LIQ + 15 ml water"  (more)