100 % Water Soluble Sodium Humate  



Sodium salt of humic acids / NUT MORDANT

HUMIN-S 775 Sodium humate is the salt of humic acids, derived from natural oxidized lignite through extraction.

Sodium humate has a wide use in environment. This product can be applied in a great number of fields such as the removal of toxic metals from wastewater or as mud adjuster in oil drilling. Other application fields include construction environment, paper environment, removal of toxics in contaminated soils, paints and industrial coatings, printing inks, foundry sand additives, rubber compounding and processing, absorbents/selective extractants, asphalt and bitumen compounding, grease and lubricants, roofing compounds, undercoatings and soundproofing, cement/concrete and emulsions.  

Paper dyeing: used especially for packing and cardboard paper, where it is possible to apply the product for material or layer dyeing. Dyed paper has a high light permanency. The complexing effect of humic acids improves density, impervious ability, strength, resistance to bending and puncturing, and stickiness and shortens the breaking length of final products. Thanks to its structure, the dye also acts as a humidity regulator in final goods. For material dyeing, the total amount of applied sodium salts depends on the demanded shade, ranging between 2 and 8 weight percents (in relation to the weight of paper stuff air-dried under normal conditions). For layer dyeing, the consumption is approximately 0.25 weight percent.

Drilling fluid: used in concentration of up to 1 weight percent for liquefying viscous clay mud or activating probes from clay flushing. For plugging cement mixture, it is used as setting retarder in doses of up to 1 weight percent at temperatures below 80o C.

Composition: Solid substance (crystalline) with a minimum humic acid content of 75%.
In an aqueous solution, it shows an alkaline reaction of pH 10.0 - 12.0. The product is non-toxic for both people and the environment. It endangers neither animals nor beneficial insects like bees, etc. Due to its alkaline reaction, it is necessary to use personal aids for protection of eyes and skin.

HUMIN-S 775 water soluble sodium humate is a base material used in different sectors and fields of applications like industry and environmental engineering.  

  • Due to their high fractions of reactive sites like phenolic hydroxyl groups and carboxylic acid groups as well as their hydrophobic core humic acids
    are excellent adsorbent agents for binding heavy metals as well as organic compounds
  • HUMIN-S 775 can be applied for the removal of water pollutants like heavy metals and lipophilic materials as hydrophobic hydrocarbons
  • HUMIN-S 775 can be used as natural defloculants and dispersants in water-solids-systems like ceramics or drilling fluids to inhibit agglomeration
  • Due to its chelating, buffering, antimicrobial and absorbing properties HUMIN-S 775 can used as ingredient in cosmetics
  • As surface active material humic acids increase the charge potential of lead accumulators





Product Registration:
Number: EINECS - 268-608-0
Number: CAS - 68131-04-4

Reference number (REACH):

Expiration date: 5 years from production date.
Storage Conditions:  The product has to be stored in closed areas.







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