Humin Acids 


Humic acids are used for paper coloring, which improves the fastness and eliminates the penetration of toxic substances into wastewater at the same time. They can be used as special additives for certain types of dark colored papers, particularly those requiring the use of oils, waxes, resins, etc.  

They can also be applied in modifying water-proofing agents and barrier coatings used in paper products. They should be considered as black tinting agents, special fillers, asphalt/oil/wax/resin property modifiers and can be used where it is important to prevent penetration of Nonaqueous liquids during special paper production.

HUMIN-S 775, 100% watersoluble sodium humates. HUMIN-S 775 is a sodium humate produced from lignite. It is a natural, dark brown mordant, soluble in alkaline and water (up to 98%). Insoluble particles are mainly compounds of different clays and have no negative effect on reactivity. The basic coloring components are humic acids. It is produced in the form of fine metal bright flakes of dark brown color. The pH of the 10% water solution is about 10. HUMIN-S 775 acts as a complex agent, which apart from its coloring effects, helps to improve physical characteristics of the final product. 

HUMIN-S 775 is used for coloring of paper, especially cardboard and wrapping. It improves the fastness and at the same time eliminates the penetration of toxic substances into wastewater.

a) Mass Dying
HUMIN-S 775 is usually added into the broke beater soluted in water in a concentration of 1:4 to 1:10 or directly in the form of solid flakes. The content of HUMIN-S 775 is, according to desired shade of color, 2 - 8% of the dry paper matter (dried in the open air). The matter is mixed properly and then is added to the solution of aluminium sulphate Al2(SO4)3. This solution regulates the fine precipitation of dyestuff. The acid medium (pH value about 5) is optimal for proper precipitation. Then, after pressing the paper stuff, the outflowing water should be clear.

b) Surface Dying
Surface dying is usually done on the size press, where 10% solution of the HUMIN-S 775 is distributed on the upper layer and at the same time it is distributed colored or uncolored starch on the bottom layer. The solution of aluminium sulphate Al2(SO4)3 is usually added into the defibred paper before spraying on the rolls. According to the desired shade, HUMIN-S 775 consumption is about 0.25% of mass, related to the weight of the upper layer, dried in the open air. When necessary to obtain specific shade of color, HUMIN-S 775 can be mixed well with other commonly used colors.

c) Paper Dyeing
Used especially for packing and cardboard paper, where it is possible to apply the product for material or layer dyeing. Dyed paper has a high light permanency. The complexing effect of humic acids improves density, impervious ability, strength, resistance to bending and puncturing, and stickiness and shortens the breaking length of final products. Thanks to its structure, the dye also acts as a humidity regulator in final goods. For material dyeing, the total amount of applied sodium salts depends on the demanded shade, ranging between 2 and 8 weight percents (in relation to the weight of paper stuff air-dried under normal conditions). For layer dyeing, the consumption is approximately 0.25 weight percent.


  • Colored paper has very good fastness to light.
  • Reactivity of humic acids improves density, surface strength, puncture and bending resistance, initial tearing strength and sizing of the final product.
  • Total yield grows up because the mordant has gone, under optimal conditions, entirely into the paper.
  • Chemical structure of the product helps to regulate moisture in the final product.
  • High chemical reactivity helps to form bonds with heavy metals during the production process, which prevents uncontrolled coagulation and improve purity of waste water.

Packaging Top

  • 25 kg paper bags (on pallets shrinkfoiled)
  • 750 kg Big-Bags

Keep in a dry place.

Information on handling, restrictions on use 
When handling the product, always wear a respirator to protect against inhalation of particles. As the water solution of the product is highly alkaline, avoid getting it on the skin or in the eyes. If it happens, rinse immediately with fresh water. HUMIN-S 775 is not toxic.


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