Humic Acids 


Humic acidscan be used as liquefiers in concerete. They do not only reduce the consumption of concrete, but also improve its physicomechanical properties. They also have a potential as a special density control additive (light weight) in cement or concrete.

Due to their hydrophobic property, using humic acids results in very little water uptake. This leads to either a reduced use and an improved workability of the cement or to an increase in its stability while the amount of cement used remains the same.

Humic acids help to diminish the surface tension of water, resulting in an improved utilization of solid particles in concrete. They lead to a complete fine separation (dispersion) of the cement, whereby the friction between solid particles is reduced, resulting in a better versatility and workability of concrete. 

Even though humic acids are nonreactive with cement, some testing should be done prior to application as they may retard or accelerate certain formulations.     


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