Liquid Potassium Humate 



Liquid Potassium Humate

HUMIN-P 118 is a specially selected leonardite material which has been carefully reacted with potassium compounds. This reaction neutralizes the humic acids which are abundant in the raw material, converting them to water-soluble potassium humates. The finished product is a causticized leonardite, readily to use in low-pH muds, and is essentially sodium-free. It is an excellent emulsifier for oil-in water emulsions fluids and it provides filtration control in water-based drilling fluids.

HUMIN-P 118 is a versatile product which functions as a deflocculant and filtration control agent in fresh, brackish, sea and salt water muds. It is especially useful in inhibitive muds which utilize potassium or other compounds to inhibit clay activity in the drilling fluid and in the formations penetrated. Furthermore it helps to reduce viscosity and gel strengths of any drilling fluid and it reduces the effects of contaminants on drilling fluid properties.


  • Readily soluble in low pH-muds 
  • Does not add sodium or free hydroxyl (OH-) to the mud system to aggravate clay cleavage and swelling
  • Deflocculates clay solids without strong dispersing Action
  • Reduces filtration, both API and HPHT
  • Versatile. Functions in most water-base mud Systems
  • Acts as contributory source of potassium (K+) in inhibitive muds
  • Stable at high temperatures
  • Serves as an emulsifier for oil
  • Has excellent solubility in water-based drilling fluids
  • Remains effective in the presence of contaminants
  • Can be used in salty formations and salty make-up water 


  • 1 to 6 (2,9 to 17,1 kg/m³) in fresh and brackish systems for deflocculation and filtration control.
  • 3 to 10 ppb (8,6 to 28,5 kg/m³) in higher-salinity systems.
  • Higher dosages may be used in high-temperature applications.

Product Registration:
Number: EINECS - 271-030-1
Number: CAS - 68514-28-3

Reference number (REACH):

Expiration date:  5 years from production date.
Storage Conditions:  The product has to be stored in closed areas.



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