Humic Acids  


The effect of POWHUMUS® was examined for the increase in crop yields and quality in numerous field trials. A few examples from the experiments in agriculture, fruit and vegetable production are presented:

Yield increase at potato culture after Powhumus application (Egypt) 
After application of 6 kg/ha Powhumus the yield increased from 900g to 1.200g per plant. Also the average potato size increased. Big and average sized potatoes preponderate to small sized potatoes. (Pic.1,2) 

In the trial, a yield increase was determined in size 30-60 mm of up to 38% of marketable potatoes in the potato variety "Irga".A yield increase of 41% could be found also in the fraction over 60 mm. (s. Fig. 1)

Also onion were grown with POWHUMUS®. In the trial were incorporated 3 and 6 kg/ha Powhumus® into the soil. The fertilization was performed as usual accordance with good practice. Higher yields were measured up to 17%. The quality of the crop were improved as well. The percentage of marketable crop on the total harvest increased significantly as well. (s. Fig. 2)

When growing the sugar beets were very achieved in need-based mineral fertilization and the use of POWHUMUS® good earnings growth. In the application of 6 kg per hectare POWHUMUS® shows an increase in yield of up to 21%, based on the sugar yield, are achieved. (s. Fig. 3)


In a number of trials Corn were incorporated with 6 kg/ha into the soil. The fertilization was performed as usual accordance with good practice. Higher grain yields were measured up to 14,7% compared to control.(s. Fig. 4)


Increased shoot and root growth at strawberry cultures after Powhumus application (Germany)
The addition of 4 kg/ha Powhumus to strawberry cultures directly after their cultivation in greenhouses caused a strong growth of the shoots and the roots. Also the dry weight of the plants increased as a proof of the increased nutrient uptake. (Pic.3,4)

Basil (Ocimum basilicum)
Study of the Agriculture Faculty, University of Mashhad (Iran):
The results of this study showed that application of humic acid on growth and yield parameters was effective. Application of humic acid with concentration H4(15g/l for 0.5m) have the best of growth and yield but was observed the highest of height of plant in H2 (5g/ l for 0.5m). (Pic.5,6)  

Increased yield of Wheat (Triticum aestivum) by 24%, through the positive impact of the application of 15 kg/ha of Powhumus on soil water holding capacity.
Location: Comuna de Teodoro Schmidt (38°59` S; 73°05` W), Region of Araucanía, Chile.
Soil texture: loam - clay loam.

Table 4, table 5 and picture from Seguel and Parra (2016).


(Pic. 1,2) After application of Powhumus

(Pic.3,4) After application of Powhumus

(Pic.5,6) Basil

Increased yield of Wheat (Triticum aestivum) with Powhumus. (Pic.5)
Testigo= without Powhumus
Pow= Treatment with Powhumus.
Picture from Seguel and Parra (2016).