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Fulvic acids in aquaculture - effects scientifically confirmed

Fulvic acids reduce stress and increase growth in fish

Thora Lieke's research results on the subject were published in scientific reports

The positive effect of fulvic acids in aquaculture has long been no secret among aquarists and fish farmers but in the past, there was a lack of reliable evidence from science and research. Under the heading "Phenol-rich fulvic acid as a water additive promotes growth, reduces stress and stimulates the immune system of fish in aquaculture", Thora Lieke recently published the results of the first sub-project of her doctoral thesis in scientific reports (PDF). In collaboration with Dr. Christian E.W. Steinberg from the Humboldt University in Berlin and in cooperation with HUMINTECH, she succeeded in demonstrating that fulvic acid provided by HUMINTECH improves the overall health and stress resistance of fish.

Without aquaculture, nothing works in the world anymore

Aquaculture is becoming increasingly important to the world's supply of animal protein. The high pressure placed on the use of natural resources such as oceans and seas makes intensive fish farming indispensable. However, intensive fish farming often means a lot of stress for the animals. High stocking densities and water exposure weaken the animals' immune systems and, in the worst case, make the use of medications necessary.

However, there are many reservations about the use of antibiotics at the consumer level. Although the use of chemical therapeutics, especially in Germany, is subject to strict regulations and control and is only permitted under certain conditions. In order to meet the consumers' desire for healthy and safe food and be profitable at the same time, the use of certain fulvic acids is worthwhile for intensive fish farming.

Win-win for breeders, animals and consumers

Fulvic acids as water conditioners can make a decisive difference and close the gap between breeding practice and consumer wishes. According to the scientific findings of Thora Lieke's team, our fulvic acid has the following confirmed effects on the fish population:

  • ⇒ Faster growth: the addition of phenolic fulvic acid (PF) to the water improves growth of the animals and thus weight gain over time.
  • ⇒ Higher stress tolerance: PF reduces the stress response of animals due to handling stress, especially air-exposure.
  • ⇒ Better immune defense: PF increases the phagocyte defense response, thereby increasing the fish's own immune defense.

According to the results, adding our fulvic acid to the water is a simple, as well as natural way to significantly improve fish health and growth. The use of antibiotics can be prevented. This potentially reduces costs and at the same time increases the acceptance of the products by increasingly critical consumers.

Fulvic acids as water additive - As simple as effective

The advantage of fulvic acid as a water additive over feed additives is obvious: While feed does not reach all animals equally, since not all animals consume the same amount of food, the situation is different with water additives. The active ingredients are distributed evenly in the water and can be absorbed by all animals in the population via the gills. The positive effect thus benefits all fish without loss.

Quality matters

Humic substances are omnipresent in our natural environment. Whether in soils, waters or geological formations: They are formed by chemical and biological degradation and transformation processes from plant and animal matter, but not all humic substances are the same. The quality, the origin of the raw material and the technical processing are key factors for the suitability of humic substances in aquaculture. Highest quality is crucial for successful use as a water additive and should be strictly observed.

Important characteristics here are the content of humic acids and fulvic acids according to ISO 19822, the quality of the raw material with regard to harmful trace elements, and GMP+ certification. HUMINTECH GmbH can guarantee this quality.

Fulvic acids - excellent water additive with a lot of potential

Last but not least, the cooperation with Thora Lieke has encouraged us to expand our knowledge on the use of humic substances in aquaculture. Recent results indicate, for example, a positive effect on shrimp and their coloration. Further observation suggests a stimulation of the mating behavior of mouthbrooders and rainbowfish.

Special attention is currently being paid to the substitution of malachite green to control ichthyophthiriasis (white spot disease) in fighting fish.

The potential of humic substances in aquatic systems is enormous and far from fully recognized. The need for further research in this area is obvious, so we are excited and looking forward to further investigations and results from application and research. With our humic substances, we can offer a sustainable and cost-saving solution for water treatment in aquaculture.


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