Visitors from Saudi Arabia

14 guests from Saudi Arabia stopped off at Humintech in Grevenbroich yesterday.  The group involves customers of Humintech’s retailing partner for Saudi Arabia, Alyaseen Agri, represented by the company’s CEO Mr. Sadek Al-Ramadan. 

Dr. Yasser Dergham, Technical and Sales Manager with Humintech, welcomed the guests around noon. After a technical presentation and a guided tour through the shop floors, Dr. Dergham accompanied the group on a special excursion to nearby open face mine Garzweiler, the world’s largest open cast lignite mine.

That way, the guest – all of which are users of Humintech‘s products – were able to comprehend the whole production chain from product development to raw material procurement, manufacturing and filling.

The group will stay in Germany until 2016/08/25. 

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