Leader of Germany’s Social Democratic Party Martin Schulz on a round tour at Humintech

On Friday, May 12th 2017, Martin Schulz, head of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) has visited Humintech GmbH in Grevenbroich, Germany.

In the course of a round tour through the company grounds, general manager Müfit Tarhan explained the company’s concept and philosophy to Mr. Schulz. Martin Schulz was fascinated by the idea of utilizing Rhenish brown coal in a sustainable and CO2-neutral way to cultivate problem soils all across the world. He announced to visit the company again in the future to dive deeper into the subject matter. Schulz especially appreciated Humintech’s innovational strength and engagement.

Martin Schulz was accompanied by SPD-parliamentary candidates Arno Jansen, Nicole Niederdellmann-Siemes and Rainer Thiel as well as Nicole Specker and Daniel Rinkert. The Association of Turkish entrepreneurs and industrialists in Europe’s chairman Mr. Aziz Sariyar was also present.

Humintech GmbH wants to thank Mr. Schulz for his visit and is looking forward to expounding more about the company’s research and development activities at the next opportunity.