IRR district conference and day of innovation

Humintech CEO Müfit Tarhan and head of the company’s R&D department Berthold Stern have participated in a conference by IRR initiative, a venture to support structural changes in the Rhine-Ruhr area. The conference took place in Bergheim, Germany.

Amongst the participants were North Rhine-Westphalian minister for economic affairs Mr. Garrelt Duin and other regional and trans-regional representatives from politics, administration, business, science and townships. Subject of the conference was the structural change in the Rhenish Mining Area, especially a federal program for structural development the IRR is applying for under the title of „Chancen::Revier“ (Chances::District).

The material use of brown coal that Humintech pushes forward since decades is one cornerstone of structural change. The IRR is thereby profiting from Humintech’s knowledge and experience.