Humintech provides board member for IVA’s department of biostimulants

The general assembly of Germany’s agricultural industrial association IVA (Industrieverband Agrar e. V.) has resolved the institution of a new department on biostimulants in Berlin on Tuesday, May 16, 2017. Among the board members is Berthold Stern, longtime manager of Humintech’s research and development department.

Biostimulants, or plant fortifiers, are substances, mixtures or microorganisms that serve the maintenance of the plant’s health. On the basis of molecular complexes, they affect the plant’s physiology to protect it against unfavorable conditions.

Thanks to the foundation of the new department, the IVA is now able to represent the interest of Germany’s producers of biostimulants towards politics, administration, specialized institutions and the public. At European levels, this task is fulfilled by European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC), with whom the IVA will be working together closely.

The new department will constitute itself until autumn and determine its structure and work program.

The IVA represents interests of the agrochemical industry in Germany. Its business areas include plant protection, plant nutrition, pest control, biostimulants and biotechnology. The branch represented by the IVA stands for innovative products for a modern and sustainable agriculture.

Pictured: Berthold Stern, manager of Humintech’s research and development department, board member of the IVA’s department of biostimulants.