Humintech and Plant Defender — a success story in between Germany and Brazil

Plant Defender Co. is one of Brazil’s pioneers in the soil conditioner and biostimulant industry. Since a couple of years, the enterprise is a partner of Humintech GmbH, distributing Humintech products such as Powhumus or Humiron. 

Humintech’s Technical and Sales Manager Dr. Yasser Dergham and Areal Manager for Latin America Vicente Jaramillo have returned from a six day trip to Plant Defender on June 22nd, 2017. In addition to fruitful discussions, Dergham and Jaramillo had the opportunity to assure themselves of the beneficial effects of Humintech’s products on e.g. corn production.

The trip has left a thoroughly positive impression — we’re happy to have found a reliable partner in Brazil and are looking forward to future cooperation.

More pictures of the trip can be found on our Facebook page