Talks with Grevenbroich's mayor at Humintech headquarters

Klaus Krützen, mayor of Grevenbroich, and Ralf Mueller, head of Grevenbroich's economic development service, visited Humintech's company grounds on Wednesday, 2016/02/17. Humintech CEO Aydogan Cengiz and R&D manager Berthold Stern informed their guests about the current stand of investments at the company's new headquaters. Mayor Krützel especially welcomed the newly generated jobs at Humintech: The company employs nearly twice as many staff members today as before its relocation from Duesseldorf to Grevenbroich.

Another key topic in the talks was Humintech's contribution to a European competence center for material use of brown coal in Grevenbroich, especially focussing on exploring new possible applications of humic acids. As a pioneer in the field, Humintech resorts to many years of experience and a broad pool of internal studies on the subject.

Mr. Cengiz also told the mayor that his enterprise would like to extend its social commitmentin Grevenbroich. They decided to jointly develop ideas on how this commitment can take shape in the near future.