International Partnership: Stoller Co. visiting Humintech

Lower picture f.l.t.r.: Aydogan Cengiz (Humintech), Ritesh Bharat Sheth (Stoller USA), Dr. Canan Yilmaz (Stoller Turkey), Müfit Tarhan (Humintech), Berthold Stern (Humintech), Dr. Yasser Dergham (Humintech)

Since more than ten years, Humintech has teamed up with the Turkish branch of Stoller Company in research and development. Stoller is a US American enterprise specialized on plant health products. On September 26 and 27, Dr. Canan Yilmaz of Stoller Turkey and Mr. Ritesh Bharat Sheth of Stoller USA have visited Humintech’s company grounds in Grevenbroich.

During the visit, Yilmaz and Sheth talked with representatives of our company about questions on product development, technical details around the production of humic acid based products and joint future plans.