Humintech contributes to textbook stock for refugees

Public library of Grevenbroich, Germany has opened a new section with textbooks on German as a foreign language in December 2016. The offer is especially addressed to asylum seekers and refugees who want to improve their language skills.

350 books are in stock right now, more are to acquire. The costs of the project are mainly borne by sponsors, amongst them Humintech, whose CEOs Müfit Tarhan and Aydogan Cengiz were present at the new section's opening.

Both declared their engagement to be a point of honor: After all, Humintech is a multicultural enterprise that is characterized by employees from different home countries and worldwide exportations.

„For us, this first donation is only a beginning“, Cengiz said. According to him, the message to asylum seekers is even more important than the financial support: „If you make an effort, you can achieve something in Germany.“