Humintech and IRR – shaping future together

Mrs. Nicole Monath and Mr. Boris Linden of IRR (Innovational Region Rhenish Mining Area) have visited Humintech’s company grounds on Thursday, 2017/01/12. Mrs. Monath is a project coordinator with IRR and an expert for sustainable energy supply, Mr. Linden acts as IRR’s proxy.

The IRR promotes pilot projects for the Rhenish Mining Area, e.g. innovative attempts in agriculture, to develop an economical perspective for the region for a time after the planned end of intensive lignite mining. Humintech has already gathered worthwhile experiences in recultivating post-mine landscapes and is a pioneer in researching and developing organic humic substances based soil conditioners – a knowledge that the company is willing to share and use in order to co-create regional changes with IRR.

Humintech’s CEO Müfit Tarhan and Berthold Stern, head of the company’s R&D department, have advised their guests about the characteristics, possible applications and the innovation potential of their company’s products.