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„The humic substances preparation HuminFeed modulates lifespan and fertility of Moina macrocopa Straus” by Ramona Rauch

Humic substances are an important biogeochemical ecological factor that can initiate chemical stress in exposed organisms. The effects of stress by humic substances on Darwinian fitness are the subject of this thesis. Lifespan and fertility of the cosmopolitan water flea Moina macrocopa were examined under exposure of humic substances at environmentally realistic concentrations. More

Using humic acid in diets for dairy goats by Taskin Degirmencioglu

The effects of diets containing different levels of humic acid (HA) were determined on several blood and milk parameters in dairy goats. Eighteen Saanen goats (2 years old, 52 kg body weight) were fed three diets containing: 0 g HA/kg body weight (T1 ), 1 g HA/kg – (T2 ) or 3 g HA/kg – (T3 ) in a 3x3 latin square experimental design. Each period consisted of 21 days preliminary period and 7 days collection phase. More

Control of energy allocation in cladocerans by feed algae by Diploma zoologist Rihab, Bouchnak -Syria
Differential influence of the green alga by Rihab, Bouchnak
Dissolved humic substances by Waltraud Wild
Health promoting effects of humic substance (HS) in fish by Dr. Thomas Meinelt, Prof. Dr. Christian Steinberg, Dr. Stefan Heidrich
In vitro assessment of AhR-mediated activities of TCDD in mixture with humic substances by M. Bittner, K. Hilscherova, J.P. Giesy

Humic substances (HS) are ubiquitous natural products of decomposition of dead organic matter. HS is present in most freshwaters at concentrations ranging from 0.5 to 50 mg L1 . Organic carbon can represent 20% dry weight of sediments. Recently, the interaction of dissolved HS with the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) has been demonstrated. More

Humic Acid Substances in Animal Agriculture by K.M.S. lslam, А. Schuhmacher

Humic acids (НА), а class of compounds resulting from decomposition of organic matter, particularly plants аге natural constituents of drinking water, soil and lignite. lt inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, thus decrease levels of mycotoxins in feed. More

Peat as a feed supplement for animals by M. TRCKOVA, L. MATLOVA, H. HUDCOVA, M. FALDYNA, Z. ZRALY, L. DVORSKA, V. BERAN, I. PAVLIK

Peat is an easily available natural material and a source of biologically active substances widely used, not only in agriculture but in human and animal medicine as well. In recent years, interest in the use of peat as a feed supplement has increased, particularly due to its capability to prevent enteric diseases and to stimulate growth in piglets and pigs. More

Studies on vital brown geopolymers by Christian E.W. Steinberg, R. Menzel
Summary Report, by Commitee For Veterinary Medicinal Products Humic Acids and Their Sodium Salts

Humic acids are a class of compounds resulting from decomposition of organic matter, particularly plants, and are natural components of drinking water, soil and lignite. They are three dimensional macrocolloidal molecules with a polyaromatic center containing iso- and heterocyclic structures and peripheral side-chains. More

The effect of dietry humic acid supplementation one some productive and phsiological traits of laying hens by Maysa,M.Hanafy and A.M.H. El-Sheikh

This study was designed to investigate the effect of addition humic acid to the developed laying hen diets on egg production, egg quality and some physiological traits. More


Humintech es una empresa de alta tecnología, situada en Grevenbroich, enfocada a la investigación, desarrollo y producción de sustancias húmicas y ácidos húmicos para la agricultura, la ganadería, la industria farmaceútica y el medio ambiente. 


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