Turkish Minister for Economic Affairs visits Humintech in Grevenbroich, Germany

left to right: Mr. Aziz Sariyar (ATIAD), Mr. Aydogan Cengiz (Humintech), Mr. Mustafa Elitas (Turkish Minister for Economic Affairs), Mr. Müfit Tarhan (Humintech), Mrs. Sule Gürel (Consulate General of Turkey, Düsseldorf)

Turkish Minister for Economic Affairs Mustafa Elitas has visited Humintech in Grevenbroich today. With his visit Minister Elitas followed an invitation of Humintech's CEO Müfit Tarhan who is also vice chairman of the Association of Turkish Entrepreneurs in Europe (ATIAD).

After a company presentation Elitas visited the new production facility for humic acids based products. From september on Humintech will process selected lignite qualities into humic acids based products in form of soil amendments and organic fertilisers for agriculture and horticulture as well as base materials for many industrial applications.

The soil amending products, which are produced and packed in Grevenbroich, are based on humic acid rich, highly oxidised lignite, internationally also known as "Leonardite". Products like Powhumus, Liqhumus and Perlhumus are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide and can significantly reduce the use of fertilizers. Humic acids are binding nitrogen in the root area of the plant and thus prevent it from reaching the ground water. The substantial use of lignite, which is generally seen as a main cause for high CO2 exhausts, can sanitise the image of brown coal significantly. Humic subsance and humic acids are also used in livestock breeding, in the environmental sector – for instance waste water or biogas cleaning – as well as in the industrial sector.