Third Humintech Asian Workshop successfully launched

Last Wednesday, on September 27, 2017, Humintech’s Technical and Sales Manager Dr. Yasser Dergham opened the company’s third Asian Workshop in China. Business partners and friends have come their ways from Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, China and other parts of Asia to participate.

Humintech’s three day workshop is all about humic substances and their application, predominantly in agriculture. Theory, practice and innovation are equally addressed: Dr. Dergham initially explained the science and effects of humic substances and answered technical questions: How can humic substances be effectively applied to old, degraded soils? What’s the benefit of using them in modern high tech greenhouses? The experience exchange not only includes insightful discussions, but also original field studies that have been conducted by end users to document the effects of humic substances, e.g. on plant growth or rooting. On the practical side, visits to various companies are scheduled where Humintech’s products are applied on a regular basis.

At half time, Dr. Dergham is highly satisfied with the course of Humintech’s third Asia Workshop so far. The fact that so many business partners and friends from all over Asia have made it to China is a particularly valuable success, he said.