TAMC: Sharing innovations in Agadir

Humintech's Technical and Sales Manager Dr Yasser Dergham has visited this year's TAMC-MAROC from 04/29 to 05/01. TAMC is a Moroccan agricultural trade fair in Agadir with a major focus on progressive products for the agrarian sector.

In this context Dr Dergham has presented several of Humintech's products including organic soil conditioners like Perlhumus and Powhumus, organic deficiency correctors like Humiron and Fulvital, and others.

TAMC-MAROC is in existence since more than 20 years. Through cooperations with market leaders from all over the world it offers broad insights into newest innovations in agriculture, ranging from tractors to irrigation systems, soil additives and more.

Photos of the fair are available at our facebook gallery: http://bit.ly/TAMC2016.