Providing security in times of change

On Saturday, 2016/09/07, Humintech’s chief executives Müfit Tarhan and Aydogan Cengiz visited Bedburg Castle in Bedburg, North Rhine Westphalia, to attend a conference named „Impulses for Innovation Region Rhenish Coal District – Providing Security in Times of Change“. They followed a personal invitation by Member oft he Landtag Mr. Guido von Berg. Also present were Mr. Garrelt Duin, Minister for Economics, Energy, Industry, SMEs and Craft Trade as well as other representatives from politics, research and economy.

The Innovation Region Rhenish Coal Distric Ltd. (Innovationsregion Rheinisches Revier GmbH, IRR) is an initiative to support structural change within the Rhenish Coal District. Together with partners from science, business and politics, IRR develops mission statements, innovation strategies and concepts of action plus initiates and realizes projects to preserve the Rhenish Coal District as an innovative location of energy and industry after the Energiewende (energy transition) in Germany.

Being one oft IRR’s project partners, Humintech contributes knowledge and experience regarding the material use of brown coal and innovative use of humic substances. The conference was promoted and organized by Friedrich Ebert Foundation.