Dutch leading drinking water company, Vitens NV, and the market leader for humic substance based-products, Humintech GmbH, announce their cooperation in gaining food-grade humic substance from drinking water and developing products and applications for Agriculture, Livestock Breeding, Environment and Industry.

With this cooperation, Vitens NV successfully realizes its Zero Liquid Discharge Concept in applying these food-grade aquatic humic substances in different potential sectors of application. Humintech GmbH took the opportunity to complete its product range with the first commercially available aquatic fulvic acids on the market.

The cooperation not only covers the supply of aquatic fulvic acids, but also includes a close cooperation in research and development of new products and applications. On the one hand this R&D cooperation refers to the structure determination of aquatic humic substances including the application of the best suited analysis in cooperation with the University of Wageningen. On the other hand, the cooperation refers to practical fields of application in Agriculture (biostimulants, fertilizers and soil amendments), Livestock Breeding (feed materials and water preparation), Environmental applications (remediation measures) and Industrial applications. For this purpose, the companies cooperate with renowned specialized research institutes like the University of Udine, Leibniz and Fraunhofer Institutes. Both companies have already proved their extraordinary innovative potential by winning important innovation awards in the last years.

For its sustainable Zero Liquid Discharge Concept, Vitens NV won the AQUATECH INNOVATION AWARD in 2013, the WEX Global 2015 award and was recognized in 2016 as icon for the circular economy in the Netherlands. For its intensive research and development of innovative applications of humic substances based products, Humintech GmbH has been honored in the benchmarking TOP 100 as one of Germany‘s top innovators in 2015 and 2016. In addition, Humintech GmbH was awarded as “Hidden Champion” in the category innovation and as the leading technology company for humic acid based-products by the economy minister of Germany’s federal state North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Garrelt Duin in 2016.