Certitude in times of change – concepts for the Rhenish brown coal fields

North Rhine-Westphalian (NRW) Social Democrat Party SPD has convened a congress on the future of brown coal on November 12, 2016. Humintech CEO Müfit Tarhan and head of R&D department Berthold Stern were part of the conference.

The relevance of brown coal as fossil fuel is decreasing. Whoever wants to survive the upcoming change of structure has to convey forceful perspectives. On the initiative of NRW’s SPD, the Innovative Region Rhenish Mining District (Innovationsregion Rheinisches Revier; IRR) was founded in 2011 to supervise and support the change of structure in the long run. 

With organic products derived from humic substances in brown coal, IRR member Humintech is a noted example for an innovative and sustainable handling of the valuable resource.