German PhD students learn about the secret of fertile soils at Humintech

Humintech welcomed a group of PhD students of the University of Hohenheim, Germany, on Monday, October 16. The students of the departments of crop farming, soil studies, agroecology and social science had converged for a two day field trip: On Monday the group visited Humintech, on Tuesday Feldsaaten Freudenberger, a Krefeld-based seed company and co-organizer of the excursion. Special attention was on all kinds of conflicts over water use — a topic Humintech is actively engaged in: Several of Humintech’s humic substances based products increase the soil’s water retention capacity and hinder fertilizers and pollutants from being leached into the groundwater. 

After a short welcome by the executive board, Humintech’s Technical and Sales Manager Dr. Yasser Dergham imparted the essentials and some outlooks of humic substances research. After the technical lecture, the students got to know practical applications and specific developments that have emerged from research. For this purpose, Dr. Dergham invited the students on a tour through Humintech’s production halls and expanded on particular products and their application. Last on the agenda was a short trip to Jackerath lookout. From here, the group enjoyed the imposing view on Garzweiler open cast lignite mine, from where Humintech is obtaining Leonardite, the source material for high quality humic substances.

Later that afternoon, the group journeyed on to their next destination. We wish each and every student a successful doctorate!