Confirmed again: Liqhumus more efficient than competing products

Since 20 years, plant growth enhancer and soil conditioner Liqhumus is one of Humintech’s most successful exports. Its efficiency has been confirmed in several trials and by testimonials from customers all across the globe – in all soils and highly diverse climate conditions.

In a recent trial, the reliability of Liqhumus has been proven yet again – and it became clear that similar competing products are only able to keep up to a very limited extent.

For the experiment, Dr. Yasser Dergham has been growing three tomato plants under equal conditions in the greenhouse. Each plant was given 15 milliliters of water daily. The plant pictured left was additionally fed with with 15 milliliters of a market-leading growth enhancer daily, the plant on the right with 15 milliliters of Humintech’s Liqhumus. The middle plant served as a control.

After three weeks, the results are more than obvious: The Liqhumus-treated plant has built up three times more root mass than the untreated control plant, whereas the competing product could only enhance root growth by a slight percentage.

Keen on knowing more? You can find out about Liqhumus on our website at http://www.humintech.com/en/agriculture/products/liquid-products/liqhumus-18.html.