Organic Soil Conditioner 

HS® - 300


Native Humic Acid Suspension

HS®- 300  is a high quality humic material soil conditioner (Leonardite) which acts as natural chelator. Main ingredients of the Suspension are immediately available nutrient humus and high quality permanent humus, which cannot be easily decomposed by microorganisms of the soil.  

German Leonardite (highly oxidized lignite) is a natural raw material containing a high content of humic matter (humic acid and fulvic acid). These are formed in specific sedimentation layers of soft brown coal, which did not reach the stage of brown coal. Leonardite is formed by chemical and biological humification of plants and other organic substances, which are finally stabilized by geological processes.

A natural Leonardite acid pH of 4.0-5.0 and low salt content:
blends easily and can be tanked mixed with fertilizers and pesticides. 
Ease of use, no additional equipment cleaning required: Compatible with 150 µm screens. 
Unique liquid formulation: Contains the full humic complex in a concentrated formulation. 
Contains a Minimum of 19% humic acids: Lower use rates; reduces shipping and handling.

The most outstanding benefits of HS®- 300 as a soil conditioner are the demonstrable positive impacts on plant growth and health as well as on resistance against stress factors (dryness, salt and pesticides).  These benefits result from its high cation exchange capacity and pH-buffering capacity as well as from its high water holding capacity. HS®- 300  stimulates the activity of beneficial soil organisms by its high carbon content. Due to these excellent properties, it can be applied on all types of soils and for all plants to stimulate plant growth and increase yields. 

  • The naturally low pH allows to use it with acidic fertilizers 
  • Being compatible with plant protection products
  • Reducing spray tank pH
  • Safe and easy application through all stages of plant growth from seeding to harvest
  • Enhances the soil cation exchange capacity (CEC)
  • Helps the development of better soil structures
  • Increases the water retention capacity of the soil
  • Improves soil buffering capacity
  • Reduces soil erosion 
  • Helps neutralizing toxins and ties up heavy metals in the soil 
  • Reduces nutrient leaching
  • Reduces soil salinity
  • Stimulates plant growth, plant enzymes and cell division in plants and bacteria
  • Improves nutrient uptake through the root system 
  • Promoting more uniform yields

HS®- 300 

Sugar beet
1. Broadcast: After soil preparation at rate of 8 - 10 L/ha, before sowing.
2. Band application: After sowing at rate of 2L/ha.

Foliar: First application 10 – 12 weeks after sowing at a rate of 2L/ha.
Second application at same dosage 2 weeks later.

Vegetables: Tomato, cucumber, beans 
In transplanted crops, seedling should be irrigated after 3-5 days after transplanting with a solution containing 200 ml HS®- 300 in 100 L water. In greenhouses suspension can be applied with drip irrigation systems after planting at the rate of 300 – 500 ml/1000 square meters and then every 3 – 4 weeks during the growing season.

Foliar: Used with foliar fertilizers, Plant growth regulator (PGR’s) or pesticides at a rate of 50 ml/100 L water when the plants are 20 – 25 cm high. Repeat application 20 days after, if necessary.

Potato, carrot, onion
1. Broadcast: After soil preparation at rate of 8 - 10 L/ha, before sowing.
2. Band application: After sowing at rate of 2L/ha.

Foliar: Used at a rate of 0.5 L/ha when plants are 20 – 25 cm high. Repeat same dosage 15 – 20 days later. 

Horticultural fruit trees: Apple, cherry, pear
When vegetative growth begins, a mixture of 25 ml HS®- 300 plus 10 L of water can be applied for each tree or if a drip system exists, can be applied at a rate of 2 – 4 L/ha together with drip fertilizer, 3 – 4 times during crop cycle.

Foliar: Can be applied with foliar fertilizers, PGR’s or pesticides at a rate of 50 ml in 100 L of water and sprayed directly on the leaves at beginning of vegetative growth. Can be repeated 20 days later at same dosage.

Cereals, legumes
Applied to the soil as above (1 – 2). Also can be used in irrigation water of dripping systems at a rate of 2,5 L/ha. Repeat 5 – 6 times in season.

Foliar: When plants reach 20 – 25 cm height: 50 ml/100 L water in combination with leaf fertilizers, PGR’s or pesticides. Can be repeated 15 – 20 days later at same dosage.

Turf grass
Broadcast: After soil preparation at rate of 8 - 10 L/ha, before sowing or lawn area.

* This recommendation may be varied according to the soil characteristics and local conditions.



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