Prevention of nitrate leaching into the ground water with humic acids

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has reprimanded the German government for not taken sufficient action to align nitrate levels in groundwater to EU-wide threshold values. While the problem is known in Germany for a long time, the measures taken by the government are insufficient. HUMINTECH introduces a humic acid based approach to address the problem.

Where does nitrate pollution come from?

Nitrate pollution originates from the overuse of fertilizers, especially manure, in agriculture. An excessive use can lead to nitrate seeping into groundwater and water systems.

One major reason for the extensive manure use: In order to survive economically, farmers are forced to keep more and more animals on the same space, with low prices generating more and more pressure. The animal's manure is carried to the fields as a fertilizer -- but it has become more than the plants are able to take up.

An effective, humic acid based approach to tackle nitrate leaching

Politics and activists call out for new approaches to go against nitrate leaching. While it's obvious that the economic situation for farmers should be improved and eased by political means, HUMINTECH has come up with an effective way to tackle the problem on-field with humic acids:

Soils with a high content of humic acids are a guarantee for low nitrate leaching and for best nutrient efficiency. A well-developed root system, which is achieved by a high content of humic acids, prevents that nitrate and pesticides mix in with ground water. Futhermore, a low content of nitrate is an indicator and a prerequisite for proper organic agriculture.

Instead of expensive purification plants that are used to decontaminate the water to under a value of five milligrams NO3-N per liter, the root causes of contamination (nitrate leaching) should be fought against first. HUMINTECH's humic acid based soil conditioners offer an easy, ecological and economical solution to this side of the problem, while at the same time increasing yields, plant health and soil fertility.

Find out more on our website at https://www.humintech.com/en/agriculture/information/what-are-humic-acids.html.

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