The scientific research of humic acids and their usable properties has a long tradition in Germany, starting with the works of chemist Franz Carl Achard (1753–1821). The commercial employment of German brown coal dates back to the 16th century: The old dye "Cassel earth" or "Cologne earth" is based on brown coal containing humic acids which has also been mined in the Cologne lignite area.


In the course of the last century the use of humic acid has been established in the agricultural, medical and environmental sector.

Humintech, a biotech enterprise based in Grevenbroich, Germany, ties in with this longstanding tradition. By surface-mining we're extracting the up to 20 Million years old raw material – oxidated brown coal, also called lignite or leonardite. Our geologists select the mining areas with respect to a low pollutant content and a high oxidation degree. Both factors are of crucial importance for the bioactivity of the final goods. Our longstanding experience guarantees for the unique quality of our products. This is confirmed to us by a growing number of satisfied retailers and formulators in more than 60 countries around the globe.

For its intensive research and development of innovative applications of humic acid based products, Humintech Ltd. has been honoured as one of Germany's top innovators 2015. At our new headquarters in Grevenbroich – located next to one of the world's largest opencast mines – we're investing in manifold R&D activities and sophisticated production facilities. This commitment as well as a worldwide distribution network makes Humintech one of the leading developers, producers and exporters of humic acid based products today.